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Metos training service provides tools and new perspectives for professional kitchens

3/6/24 12:10 PM
training icombi

Training is always part of the purchase of a new Metos appliance or professional kitchen, so that the customer gets the most out of their investment. But that's where the learning starts, at its best. Metos training helps professional kitchens at all stages of their lifecycle, both small and large.

In the hectic daily life of a kitchen, it's worth pausing for a moment to think about what should be done differently right now. How to work more safely, more efficiently, more comfortably?

New perspectives, new thinking

Our training services offer expert help to improve your kitchen operations in a wide range of challenges. Often, training brings up simple but important issues. Things that have not been properly thought through and put into practice in a hurry. Our training service offers new perspectives and tools for this.

The customer's need is decisive

Metos training is always tailored to the needs and resources of each client. The training can last an hour or a day, and can be delivered at the customer's premises or at Metos, or even remotely via Teams.

Training often involves working together in the kitchens, developing and testing different preparation methods and production processes. Working with a sense of purpose challenges you to identify the need for change and gives you the impetus to implement it.

All Metos trainers have long experience of working in a variety of professional kitchens and training can be organised throughout the country.

Waste, energy saving, labour shortages?

We focus our training on the issues that matter most to each customer. Sometimes it may be the operation of a single piece of equipment, sometimes it may be the energy saving of a whole huge process. And almost always in the kitchen, it's all about everything.

Making more rational and versatile use of equipment capacities can lead to more efficient processes, better food quality, less waste, water and energy savings and, at the same time, can free up staff time.

More value for money through training

Professional kitchen equipment has a very long lifespan. That's why it pays to take good care of them and learn how to make full use of their advanced, intelligent functions.

Contact us when you are interested in training. It is often thought that training eats up time. But the savings are surprisingly many times greater when, thanks to shared observations, the process is speeded up and the quality of the food is even better. Metos trainers bring equipment expertise, extensive knowledge of the industry and proven training methods. And a willingness to help!

Our training service offers professional kitchen training tailored to the needs and resources of the customer at different stages of the kitchen life cycle. The starting point is often the equipment aspect, but the benefits extend to the entire production process and its efficiency - and often to job satisfaction.

training icombi
Metos training service provides tools and new perspectives for professional kitchens
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