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Metos is a leading supplier of professional kitchen solutions and a pioneer in the field

We help professional kitchens succeed

Metos is the leading manufacturer and supplier of professional kitchen and distribution equipment and stainless steel furniture in the Nordic countries and an expert in the field. We have been working to develop professional kitchens and improve their efficiency and success for a hundred years. "Kitchen Intelligence" combined with Metos' brand name describes our goal: to increase the performance of professional kitchens.

We help our customers with our know-how throughout the life cycle of a professional kitchen or an individual piece of equipment.  A professional kitchen that functions efficiently, economically, safely and environmentally is our common goal.

”I am very proud of Metos' strong expertise and close collaboration with our customers. We do our best to offer our customers energy-efficient solutions that increase the attractiveness of the industry.”

- Sami Kuparinen, CEO

Our values guide our actions

Competence, customer orientation and continuity are values chosen to serve our customers. They make cooperation with us meaningful and reliable. Through these values, we guarantee that our customers get the best possible help and support in developing their business.


We actively train our personnel to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing product technology of professional kitchens. With our know-how, we develop solutions that improve our customers' competitiveness. We also improve our own processes so that we can offer our solutions even more productively and economically. 
Our know-how is reflected in the extensive professional expertise that we offer to our customers. We have a deep understanding of the needs, requirements and trends of professional kitchens, and we are able to offer the best solutions in the industry for our customers' needs.  

Customer orientation 

Customer orientation influences all our activities. We understand that every customer is unique, and we strive to meet their needs in the best possible way. We listen to our customers' wishes and make sure that their needs and goals are the focus of everything we do.
We develop products and services together with our customers. We actively collect customer feedback and utilize it in our operations.


From our customers' point of view, continuity is an important value. We are constantly working to ensure that Metos is a desired partner. We want to build and maintain long-term relationships with our customers and be their reliable partner in the future as well. 
We offer our customers solutions that are financially advantageous throughout their entire life cycle. In addition, we provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that our customers' equipment is performing at its best and they can focus on their core business. 

We want to be a pioneer and influencer in the professional kitchen industry –
our customers’ number one choice in the industry. 
We manufacture the best kettles in the world. 

International Metos

Metos is an international operator and partner, so you can be sure that you will receive seamless service in every country. 

Metos is the only European company in the professional kitchen industry that can offer comprehensive services in eight countries. In addition to Norway, Metos Kitchen Solutions operates in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Belgium. We also serve in France. The operations of the Metos Cooking Solutions business unit focus on serving and developing large production kitchens internationally. The Metos Cooking Solutions distributor network covers the entire world, with an emphasis on Asia, among other areas. One significant part of our export business is Metos Marine, which has supplied equipment to more than 6,000 ship's galleys around the world.

Metos is part of the AliGroup group, which is the world's leading manufacturer of professional kitchen equipment. 

Your partner throughout the life cycle of a professional kitchen

Our life cycle services for professional kitchen equipment represent a holistic approach that covers design and equipment selection, installation, training, maintenance and recycling. With the help of our services, the professional kitchen runs smoothly, sustainably and reliably. 

An efficient, economical, safe and environmentally friendly professional kitchen is our common goal

Many factors that influence the operation of a kitchen are determined in the design phase. Our professional kitchen design service helps to ensure that the new kitchen will be functional, efficient and long-lasting, and that working there will be a smooth and ergonomic experience. We have long experience in the field and the latest know-how about the future trends of professional kitchens and the challenges that kitchens face in their operations. 

When the design work is complete, the right equipment choices have been made and it's time to start the kitchen construction project, our project management service helps ensure that the kitchen is built without issues. The project management service is closely involved and makes sure that even any last-minute changes requested by the construction site are handled quickly, without causing delays. The installation of the equipment and its test use is part of the package.  

Our training service ensures that you get the full benefit of the equipment you purchase. A professional kitchen that functions efficiently, economically, safely and ecologically is our common goal. The project delivery includes guidance on the use of the equipment. Training plans are built on a project-by-project basis according to the customer's needs. 

Professional kitchen equipment and systems require maintenance to function optimally. With competent and regular periodic maintenance, we ensure that the equipment works correctly, and that no wear or deposit formation increases its energy consumption. With regular maintenance, you can also achieve savings in energy and water consumption. Of course, our service also helps if there is a problem with your equipment. Our service network serves the whole of Finland, so you can get help as quickly and flexibly as possible.

Our customer-oriented expert sales network, covering the whole of Norway, serves you professionally in individual equipment needs and in smaller and larger kitchen projects. Our professional sales will also help you with individual product orders.

Our sales and service network covers the whole of Norway. We are present locally just for you!