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Hood type dishwashers

Hood dishwashers are designed for heavy use in large production kitchens and restaurants. The construction of hood dishwashers takes into account the requirements set by hygiene, heavy use and pleasant and effortless working – even when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. In our extensive selection, there is a suitable dishwasher for every use. Our selection also includes all the furniture and accessories for a dishwashing area, which you can use to design the perfect dishwashing station for your kitchen. If you need help designing your dishwashing area, contact our design service.

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List Price kr85,300.00 Promotion Price kr80,182.00

List Price kr110,980.00 Promotion Price kr104,321.00

List Price kr127,950.00 Promotion Price kr120,273.00

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List Price kr82,350.00 Promotion Price kr77,409.00

List Price kr107,850.00 Promotion Price kr101,379.00

List Price kr74,560.00 Promotion Price kr70,086.00

List Price kr66,580.00 Promotion Price kr62,585.00

List Price kr99,120.00 Promotion Price kr93,173.00

List Price kr77,200.00 Promotion Price kr72,568.00

List Price kr87,950.00 Promotion Price kr82,673.00