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Sushi machines

All the equipment you need to make sushi in a professional kitchen! Sushi robots, maki rollers, nigiri rollers and other accessories for making sushi. With our sushi equipment, you can increase the degree of automation as your business grows. The needs of production units of different sizes and budget limitations can also be taken into account. Most sushi machines are available in fully automatic and semi-automatic versions.

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List Price kr139,000.00 Promotion Price kr130,660.00

List Price kr75,770.00 Promotion Price kr71,224.00

List Price kr61,720.00 Promotion Price kr58,017.00

List Price kr71,940.00 Promotion Price kr67,624.00

List Price kr12,070.00 Promotion Price kr11,346.00

List Price kr193,650.00 Promotion Price kr182,031.00

List Price kr129,970.00 Promotion Price kr122,172.00

List Price kr11,650.00 Promotion Price kr10,951.00

List Price kr200,470.00 Promotion Price kr188,442.00

List Price kr266,020.00 Promotion Price kr250,059.00

List Price kr32,240.00 Promotion Price kr30,306.00

List Price kr99,350.00 Promotion Price kr93,389.00

List Price kr149,040.00 Promotion Price kr140,098.00

List Price kr269,920.00 Promotion Price kr253,725.00

List Price kr273,850.00 Promotion Price kr257,419.00