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Vegetable slicers and cutters

Vegetable slicers and cutters for professional use! With vegetable slicers, you can quickly prepare a large amount of tomato slices, grated carrots, wok vegetables, french fries, or, for example, cubes for soup. Easy-to-change cutting blades help you get the right dimensions, a perfect cutting result and the best structure, whether you are processing fruit, root vegetables, mushrooms, cheese, bread or nuts. Our product selection includes vegetable cutters with a capacity ranging from the needs of a small professional kitchen up to thousands of kilograms per day. Cutters are an excellent choice when you need chopped meat, fish, vegetables, almonds and cheese or pureed products and sauces. Our cutters have wide-bottomed bowls where efficient cutting knives chop and mix the products. Due to the short processing time, the temperature of the product remains low and the separation of fat (in the case of meat and cheese, for example) is minimal. We also offer thermo cutters and cutters for frozen food.