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Your partner throughout the life cycle of a professional kitchen 

We want to support the efficient and sustainable operation of your professional kitchen in all stages of its life cycle. A professional kitchen that functions efficiently, economically, safely and environmentally is our common goal.

Our life cycle services for professional kitchen equipment offer a comprehensive solution that covers design and equipment selection, installation, training, maintenance and recycling. With the help of our services, your professional kitchen runs smoothly, sustainably and reliably. 

Kitchen design – together, we can create a sustainable kitchen

A functional and efficient professional kitchen is more than the sum of its equipment. With the help of our design service, you can ensure that you will get an efficient, functional and long-lasting professional kitchen that is a pleasure to work in.

Designing a professional kitchen is the first step towards a successful outcome. Our expert design team listens carefully to your needs and creates kitchen solutions that optimize space effectively and take functionality and ergonomics into account. Whether you’re building a new kitchen or updating an existing one, we offer a design service that creates the foundation for a high-quality end result.

The profitability of an investment is rarely determined by the price of individual equipment – equipment choices affect, for example, the number of personnel needed. Our kitchen design service creates plans based on the processes and functionalities of a professional kitchen. We aim for an efficient kitchen, while also considering the possibility of using equipment for multiple purposes and the internal and external logistics of the kitchen.

Kitchen design

Our kitchen design service is available for both new builds and renovation projects. 

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The right equipment for your kitchen 

In order for your kitchen to function optimally, you need the right equipment for your kitchen, taking into account, for example, the necessary capacity and functions. Our expert sales personnel will help you choose the right products for your kitchen. In the Metos Center equipment exhibition, you can learn more about the functions of the displayed equipment and the latest kitchen innovations with the guidance of our expert sales personnel. Metos Center is a place where you can be inspired! 

Seamlessly from a plan to a kitchen

Once we have designed your professional kitchen, the construction project begins. No matter what kind of a project it is, we want to provide an efficient and functional kitchen without any issues – so that your project is not delayed.

Our project management service is available all across Finland. The local project manager is your partner, ensures the project progresses according to the agreed schedule and reports to the persons agreed with the customer. The contact persons we appoint are responsible for the progress of the work and take care of deliveries, scheduling and installations. 
A comprehensive professional kitchen solution requires precise installation. Our professional installation team ensures that all equipment and systems are installed as planned and that they work together seamlessly. This guarantees your kitchen will be ready for use as agreed.
Once your kitchen is installed, it will be tested. This is how we make sure everything works. 


Do you have an upcoming professional kitchen construction project? 

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Training – Get the most out of the best devices

Our versatile equipment opens up new possibilities for high-quality and economically efficient professional kitchen work. In order for this to be realized in practice, the key is skilled personnel. The goal of our training service is to ensure that you receive the full benefit of the equipment you have purchased.

Typically, professional kitchen equipment has a long life, so you should learn to use the functions that allow the equipment to serve you in the best possible way. Versatile use of the equipment contributes to the efficiency of the processes, which can free up your staff's time for other kitchen work. 


The goal of our training service is to ensure that you get the full benefit of the equipment you have purchased. 

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Maintenance – we will take care of your kitchen far into the future

Professional kitchen equipment is purchased to be used for many years, even decades. This is why access to well-functioning maintenance services is one of the most important decision-making criteria. Qualified and regular professional kitchen maintenance ensures that the equipment works correctly, and no wear or deposit formation increases its energy consumption. 

Professional kitchen equipment and systems require regular maintenance to function optimally. Periodic maintenance extends the life of your kitchen and the individual appliances in it. In addition, it brings reliability and predictability to your kitchen's maintenance costs and reduces unexpected production interruptions, which also result in costs. With regular maintenance, you can achieve savings in energy and water consumption, as well. 


Our maintenance service is available to help all across Finland, with all maintenance needs. 

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Our Technical Support Center monitors product safety

Our own Technical Support Center inspects our products with extreme precision and performs detailed technical tests on them to ensure the safety and capacity of the equipment. For instance, in operational safety testing, electrical and mechanical operational safety is assessed. In capacity testing, the actual consumption data is checked and it is ensured that the product is capable of the nominal capacity. Inspection reports are created for the tests and reviewed with the supplier. The entire testing process can sometimes take quite a long time before the product is finally accepted into Metos' selection.

Our product selection

Metos’ products must pass strict controls.

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Our recycling service helps you dispose of equipment at the end of its life cycle in an ecological way 

We also offer a recycling service that allows you to dispose of your old equipment in an ecologically sustainable way. Recycling is part of our commitment to sustainable operations and helps reduce our footprint on the environment. The raw materials used in the equipment are reused.