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From a plan to a kitchen – effortlessly with the help of our project management service

Once we have designed your professional kitchen, the construction project begins. There are many types of kitchen construction sites – small or large, a new site or a renovation site. No matter what kind of a project it is, we want to provide an efficient and functional kitchen without any issues – so that your project is not delayed. That's why we make our strong expertise in construction projects available to you. 


Project management service: seamless from design to delivery

There are many parties involved in a kitchen project, each of whom plays a different role. Our project management service ensures that the information flow between the different parties works and that progress is smooth. Our experts manage deliveries, scheduling and equipment installations. We make sure that both the product deliveries and technicians are there at the agreed times and that the installation schedule is coordinated with other work going on at the site. This is how a kitchen project can be completed efficiently and reliably, in one go. 

The project management service is included in all kitchen projects purchased from Metos. 

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Do you have an upcoming professional kitchen construction project? Metos' project management service keeps everything under control throughout the kitchen project.
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The phases of project management

1 Project kick-off meeting
The entire content of the delivery is reviewed, and it is ensured that all parties have the necessary information at their disposal.

2 Dimensioning and special drawings facilitate design work
We always check the dimensions in advance.  

3 Meeting with the contractor 
The delivery schedule is specified and confirmed with all contractors on the site. This allows everyone to have a clear picture of the schedule and phases of the project's progress.

4 Delivery of the products
The products are delivered to the site and installed according to the plan. The installation is carried out by Metos' own technicians or carefully selected technicians from our partner network. Final adjustments are often made on site. With the help of our professional technicians, small changes can be made flexibly on site, causing no delay to the project.

5 Handing over of the kitchen
Before the final delivery, we test the kitchen. During the handover, you will receive the equipment's documentation. Finally, our expert trainers will provide instruction on the use of the equipment at the agreed time.

6 Kitchen maintenance 
We can also help you maintain the kitchen in working condition. Please remember to service your equipment regularly, as this will help you avoid interruptions.

The project management service in numbers

Our project management service is local and close to you

The Metos project management service is available all across country. The local project manager is your partner, ensures the project progresses according to the agreed schedule and reports to the persons agreed with the customer. The contact persons we appoint are responsible for the progress of the work and take care of deliveries, scheduling and installations. The dimensions are checked in advance. Once your kitchen is installed, it will be tested. This is how we ensure everything works. 

During the handover, we also deliver the documentation for the equipment. In addition, our trainer guides the staff of the professional kitchen in the correct use of the equipment.

Our regional project managers ensure that your kitchen is completed in one go 

Arto Piirainen

project sales manager
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+47 911 32 758

Werner Hopfer

project supervision / KAM
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+47 474 69 215

Geir Aas

project supervision
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+47 911 32 755

Sometimes, last-minute changes have to be made to the kitchen installation at the construction site. When working on site, we genuinely know how to consider the customer's point of view and solve things in such a way that everything works well and the project is not delayed due to small changes.

Installation is also available for individual products

When you order products in our webshop, you can ask for help with installation. We will contact you for a quote for the installation, check the correct power type and provide information that may be useful in connection with any installation,