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Ten suggestions for saving energy in professional kitchens

2/21/24 2:09 PM
Energieffektivitet i proffskjøkken

Energy efficiency in professional kitchens – what you can't measure, you can't change. Energy saving requires knowledge in order to succeed. We encourage you to follow processes and try out certain methods of operation for a certain period of time. If the desired effect is not seen, it is worth changing the process again.

Ten suggestions for saving energy in professional kitchens:


1. Preheating the combination oven is important. Preheat the combination oven empty, and put the products in the oven only when the target temperature has been reached. This is how you influence both product quality and energy consumption.

2. Trust the device and use a core probe when cooking. This way, you don't have to test whether the product is ready during cooking. Avoid opening the oven door during cooking.

3. Save all menu items as their own cooking process or program. This way you avoid overcooking, the cooking loss is reduced and you can create more uniform food.

4. Take advantage of the automatic functions and processes of the devices. For example, choose an oven washing program according to how dirty the oven is.

5. Keep the dishwasher hood closed. Heat evaporates from inside the machines, and evaporation is less when the hood is closed.

6. Put warm water instead of cold in the baths of bain-maries, less warming needed. Use the lids in both cold and warm baths.

7. Pre-rinse the dishes before washing. The pre-rinse affects the length of the washing time and, for example, how often the water in the dishwasher needs to be changed.

8. Make sure that the staff knows how to use the equipment correctly.

9. Have the equipment regularly serviced by a professional technician.

10. Try to influence the fact that your kitchen appliances are purchased with energy saving criteria. Correctly dimensioned and versatile devices affect to the fluency of processes, energy savings and the comfort of work, among other things.

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Energieffektivitet i proffskjøkken
Ten suggestions for saving energy in professional kitchens
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