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Metos' own production and product development are based on our customers’ needs

10/6/23 1:24 PM
Metos production development manager Risto Koskelainen

Today’s international Metos manufactures professional kitchen equipment in Kerava and furniture in Sorsakoski.  We offer products and solutions that help improve the performance of professional kitchens responsibly and sustainably.

Its operations are developed based on what the customers need: "Every improvement or new product is made while considering customer needs," says Development Manager Risto Koskelainen.

Koskelainen describes the development of the professional kitchen industry as stable on one hand – people always have to eat – but on the other, he also sees big changes. The restaurant industry is continuously moving towards more and more individual concepts, and the importance of visual impressions is increasing. Large production kitchens, on the other hand, are developing towards ever larger units and central kitchens.

 The customers’ wishes guide development

"We offer customized packages, so that the end result is functional and works well for the customer," says Risto Koskelainen. Metos' own production enables various experiments and prototypes, and customers' wishes are always carefully noted. Technical support, test laboratories and product development take place at Kerava. "Sometimes it feels like the only limit to what we can do is our imagination. And that's how we want it to be.”

Feedback and wishes from professional kitchen customers are collected both systematically and during our everyday work. Kitchen design, sales, maintenance, training and technical support staff monitor the situation in their daily work with customers. All collected wishes are reviewed and they guide product development, or even trigger immediate changes. "When the entire production chain is in our own hands, our operations can be very agile and flexible when necessary.”

Digitalization plays an increasingly important role in professional kitchens. "We have made big investments into software development," Koskelainen explains. "The ease of using and understanding the programs is clearly increasingly important to our customers. The same is true of the user manual.”

Improving responsibility through change

Metos' own production and service organization offer the best opportunities for continuous product development and reduction of environmental impacts while serving different types of customers.

The environment is considered at all stages of a product's life cycle, starting with, for example, the use of domestic raw materials and the energy efficiency of the machines used by Metos in its production: "When our own procurements are tendered, energy consumption is an important factor," says Risto Koskelainen.

Meeting strict requirements in the Nordic countries

The safety and energy requirements for commercial kitchen equipment are very strict in the Nordic countries. Metos designs the products it manufactures to meet any upcoming requirements in advance. Anticipation extends the product’s useful life and, among other things, the versatility and scalability of the equipment.

The durability, correct use and maintenance of the equipment are also important. "Good maintenance really impacts the useful life of the products," emphasizes Koskelainen. "Periodic maintenance keeps the equipment in good condition and almost everything can be repaired if necessary.”

And when the product is finally replaced by a new one, recycling is also handled appropriately. The Metos brand means that we take responsibility for the product throughout its life cycle.

Metos is characterized by continuous improvement – has been for 100 years. We offer products and solutions that help improve the performance of professional kitchens responsibly and sustainably. Our own equipment and furniture manufacturing in Finland helps us stay close to our customers' everyday life and changing needs.

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Metos' own production and product development are based on our customers’ needs